Lily's Library Collection

Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, November 1959
Things Fall ApartAchebe, Chinua
Minima MoraliaAdorno, Theodor W.
Plots and CounterplotsAlcott, Louisa May
Getting EvenAllen, Woody
Side EffectsAllen, Woody
Without FeathersAllen, Woody
Black Dudley Murder,theAllingham, Margery
Black PlumesAllingham, Margery
Cargo of EaglesAllingham, Margery
Case of the Late Pig,theAllingham, Margery
China Governess,theAllingham, Margery
Dancers in MourningAllingham, Margery
Deadly DuoAllingham, Margery
Death of a GhostAllingham, Margery
Estate of the Beckoning Lady,theAllingham, Margery
Fashion in Shrouds,theAllingham, Margery
Flowers for The JudgeAllingham, Margery
Mind Readers,theAllingham, Margery
More Work For the UndertakerAllingham, Margery
Mr Campion and OthersAllingham, Margery
Pearls Before SwineAllingham, Margery
Police at the FuneralAllingham, Margery
Tether's EndAllingham, Margery
Tiger in the Smoke,theAllingham, Margery
Traitor's PurseAllingham, Margery
White Cottage Mystery,theAllingham, Margery
Antonioni─The Poet of ImagesArrowsmith,William
The Handmaid’s TaleAtwood, Margaret
EmmaAusten, Jane
Love and FreindshipAusten, Jane
Mansfield ParkAusten, Jane
Northanger AbbeyAusten, Jane
PersuasionAusten, Jane
Pride and PrejudiceAusten, Jane
Sense and SensibilityAusten, Jane
NightwoodBarnes, Djuna
China After MaoBarnett, Doak
Documentary A History of the Non-Fiction FilmBarnouw,Erik
Shanghai '37Baum, Vicki
Memoirs of a Dutiful DaughterBeauvoir,Simone de
Stories and Texts for NothingBeckett,Samuel
The Bellarosa ConnectionBellow, Saul
Henderson the Rain KingBellow,Saul
Seize the DayBellow,Saul
IlluminationsBenjamin, Walter
Trent's Last CaseBentley, E.C.
Trent's Own CaseBentley, E.C.
Family and AlexanderBergman, Ingmar
Three Films: Through a Glass Darkly, Winter Light, The SilenceBergman, Ingmar
The Marriage ScenariosBergman,Ingmar
Piccadilly Murder, theBerkeley, Anthony
Poisoned Chocolates Case,theBerkeley, Anthony
Malice with MurderBlake, Nicholas
Angels & DemonsBrown, Dan
Da Vinci Code,theBrown, Dan
Deception PointBrown, Dan
The Most Beautiful Woman in Town & other storiesBukowski, Charles
A Clockwork OrangeBurgess, Anthony
Running with ScissorsBurroughs,Augusten
Landscape of Resistance: The German Film of Daniele Huillet and Jean-Marie StraubByg, Barton
Love's Lovely CounterfeitCain, James M.
Mildered PierceCain, James M.
Postman Always Rings Twice,theCain, James M.
Rule of Four, theCaldwell, Ian & Thomason, Dustin
CosmicomicsCalvino, Italo
Difficult LovesCalvino, Italo
If on a Winter’s Night a TravelerCalvino, Italo
Invisible CitiesCalvino, Italo
Baksheesh & Brahman: Asian Journals---IndiaCampbell, Joseph
The PlagueCamus,Albert
The StrangerCamus,Albert
The FallCamus,Albert, translated by Justin O’Brien
Other Voices,Other RoomsCapote,Truman
Arabian Nights Murder,theCarr, John Dickson
Below SuspicionCarr, John Dickson
Blind Barber,theCarr, John Dickson
Burning Court,theCarr, John Dickson
Captain Cut-throatCarr, John Dickson
Case of the Constant Suicides,theCarr, John Dickson
Crooked Hinge,theCarr, John Dickson
Dark of the MoonCarr, John Dickson
Dead Man's Knock,theCarr, John Dickson
Death Turns the TablesCarr, John Dickson
Death WatchCarr, John Dickson
Demoniacs,theCarr, John Dickson
Devil In Velvet,theCarr, John Dickson
Emperor's Snuff-Box,theCarr, John Dickson
Fire,BurnCarr, John Dickson
Four False Weapons,theCarr, John Dickson
He who WhispersCarr, John Dickson
House at Satan's Elbow,theCarr, John Dickson
Mad Hatter Mystery,theCarr, John Dickson
Man who Could not Shudder,theCarr, John Dickson
Papa La BasCarr, John Dickson
Poison in JestCarr, John Dickson
Problem of the Wire Cage, theCarr, John Dickson
Scandal at High ChimneysCarr, John Dickson
Till Death us do PartCarr, John Dickson
To Wake the DeadCarr, John Dickson
Waxworks Murder/The Corpse in the Waxworks,theCarr, John Dickson
A Graveyard to LetCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
And So to MurderCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
Behind the Crimson BlindCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
Cavalier's Cup,theCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
Curse of the Bronze Lamp,theCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
Gilded Man,theCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
Judas Window,theCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
Peacock Feather Murders,theCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
Reader is Warned,theCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
Red Widow Murders,theCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
Seeing is BelievingCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
She Died A LadyCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
Skeleton in the Clock,theCarr, John Dickson as Carter Dickson
My AutobiographyChaplin, Charles
The Canterbury TalesChaucer, Geoffrey
Adventures of Father Brown,theChesterton, G.K.
Amazing Adventures of Father Brown,theChesterton, G.K.
Club of Queer Trades,theChesterton, G.K.
Incredulity of Father Brown,theChesterton, G.K.
Innocence of Father Brown,theChesterton, G.K.
Man who knew too much,theChesterton, G.K.
Secret of Father Brown,theChesterton, G.K.
Wisdom of Father Brown,theChesterton, G.K.
13 at Dinner (Lord Edgware Dies)Christie, Agatha
13 Clues for Miss MarpleChristie, Agatha
A Caribbean MysteryChristie, Agatha
A Murder is AnnouncedChristie, Agatha
A Pocket Full of RyeChristie, Agatha
ABC Murders,theChristie, Agatha
After the Funeral/Funerals are FatalChristie, Agatha
Agatha Christie, An AutobiographyChristie, Agatha
And then There Were None/Ten Little Indians/The Nursery Rhyme MurdersChristie, Agatha
Appointment With DeathChristie, Agatha
At Bertram HotelChristie, Agatha
Big Four,theChristie, Agatha
Body in the Library,theChristie, Agatha
By the Pricking of my ThumbsChristie, Agatha
Cards on the TableChristie, Agatha
Cat Among the PigeonsChristie, Agatha
Clocks,theChristie, Agatha
Crooked HouseChristie, Agatha
CurtainChristie, Agatha
Dead Man FollyChristie, Agatha
Death Comes as the EndChristie, Agatha
Death in the Clouds (Death in the Air)Christie, Agatha
Death on the NileChristie, Agatha
Destination UnknownChristie, Agatha
Double Sin and Other Stories(ss)Christie, Agatha
Dumb Witness/Poirot Loses a ClinetChristie, Agatha
Elephants can RememberChristie, Agatha
Endless NightChristie, Agatha
Evil under the SunChristie, Agatha
Five Little PigsChristie, Agatha
Floating Admiral,theChristie, Agatha
Giant Bread (under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott)Christie, Agatha
Golden Ball & other Stories(ss),theChristie, Agatha
Halloween PartyChristie, Agatha
Hercule Poirot's Christmas/The Murder for ChristmasChristie, Agatha
Hickory Dickory Dock/Hickory Dickory DeathChristie, Agatha
Hollow,theChristie, Agatha
Labors of Hercules, theChristie, Agatha
Man in the Brown Suit,theChristie, Agatha
Mirror Crack'd,theChristie, Agatha
Moving Finger,theChristie, Agatha
Mr. Parker Pyne, DetectiveChristie, Agatha
Mrs. McGinty Dead/Blood will TellChristie, Agatha
Murder at HazelmoorChristie, Agatha
Murder at the Vicarage,theChristie, Agatha
Murder in MesopotamiaChristie, Agatha
Murder in the Mews(ss)/Dead Man in MirrorChristie, Agatha
Murder in Three ActsChristie, Agatha
Murder is Easy/Easy to KillChristie, Agatha
Murder of Roger Ackroyd,theChristie, Agatha
Murder On the LinksChristie, Agatha
Murder on the Orient Express (Murder in the Calais Coach)Christie, Agatha
Mysterious Affair at Styles,theChristie, Agatha
Mysterious Mr.Quin(SS),theChristie, Agatha
Mystery of the Blue Train,theChristie, Agatha
N or M?Christie, Agatha
NemesisChristie, Agatha
Ordeal By InnocenceChristie, Agatha
Pale Horse,theChristie, Agatha
Partners in CrimeChristie, Agatha
Passenger to FrankfurtChristie, Agatha
Patriotic Murders, theChristie, Agatha
Peril At End HouseChristie, Agatha
Poirot Investigates(SS)Christie, Agatha
Postern of FateChristie, Agatha
Regatta Mystery,theChristie, Agatha
Sad CypressChristie, Agatha
Secret Adversary,theChristie, Agatha
Secret of Chimney,theChristie, Agatha
Seven Dial Mystery,theChristie, Agatha
Sleeping MurderChristie, Agatha
Sparkling CyanideChristie, Agatha
Taken at the Flood/There is a TideChristie, Agatha
They Came to BaghdadChristie, Agatha
They Do it With Mirrors/Murder with MirrorsChristie, Agatha
Third GirlChristie, Agatha
Thirteen For Luck(ss)Christie, Agatha
Three Blind Mice and other Stories(ss)Christie, Agatha
Towards Zero/Come And Be HangedChristie, Agatha
Tuesday Club Murders, theChristie, Agatha
Under Dog and other Stories, theChristie, Agatha
Unfinished Portrait (under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott)Christie, Agatha
Why didn't they ask Evans?(The Boomerang Clue)Christie, Agatha
Witness For the Prosecution(ss)Christie, Agatha
Einstein: The Life and TimesClark, Ronald W.
Capote, A BiographyClarke,Gerald
No Second ChanceCoben, Harlan
Tell No OneCoben, Harlan
Age of IronCoetzee, J.M.
DisgraceCoetzee, J.M.
Life & Times of Michael KCoetzee, J.M.
In the Heart of the CountryCoetzee,J.M.
The Complete ClaudineColette
The Innocent LibertineColette
The Pure and the ImpureColette
The Tender ShotColette
Moonstone,theCollins, Wilkie
Woman in White,theCollins, Wilkie
Yellow Mask,theCollins, Wilkie
Colette at the MoviesCriticism and Screenplays: Colette
Cheyne Mystery,theCrofts, Freeman Wills
Inspector French and the Starvel TragedyCrofts, Freeman Wills
Inspector French's Greatest CaseCrofts, Freeman Wills
The HoursCunningham, Michael
A Home at the End of the WorldCunningham,Michael
Balzac and the Little Chinese SeamstressDai, Sijie
A Century of Recorded Music: Listenning to Musical HistoryDay, Timothy
Kleine Prinz, derde Saint-Exupery, Antoine
Le Petit Princede Saint-Exupery, Antoine
Night Flightde Saint-Exupery, Antoine
Wind, Sand and Starsde Saint-Exupery, Antoine
The Little Princede Saint-Exupery,Antoine(英文译本)
Play It as It LaysDidion,Joan
The Last Thing He WantedDidion,Joan
A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of FourDoyle, Conan
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,theDoyle, Conan
Hound of The Baskervilles,theDoyle, Conan
Lost World,theDoyle, Conan
Man From Archangel and Other Tales of Adventure,theDoyle, Conan
Return of Sherlock Holmes,theDoyle, Conan
Die PhysikerDuerrenmatt, Friedrich
The Birth of VenusDunant,Sarah
Emily L.Duras, Marguerite
The Sea WallDuras, Marguerite
The War, a MemoirDuras,Marguerite
The LoverDuras,Marguerite
The Black BookDurrell,Lawrence
BaudolinoEco, Umberto
Foucault's PendulumEco, Umberto
Island of the Day Before, theEco, Umberto
Name of the Rose,theEco, Umberto
Open Work, theEco, Umberto
Tales From Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazineed. Jordan, Cathleen & Manson, Cynthia
Travels of Marco Polo, theed. Komroff, Manuel
Film FormEisenstein, Sergei
The Tibetan Book of the DeadEvans-Wentz W.Y.
Light in AugustFaulkner, William
The Sound and the FuryFaulkner,William
Tender is the NightFitzgerald, F.Scott
The Beautiful and DamnedFitzgerald, F.Scott
The Great GatsbyFitzgerald, F.Scott
The Gate of AngelsFitzgerald,Penelope
At Freddie’sFitzgerald,Penelope
The BookshopFitzgerald,Penelope
A Room with a ViewForster,E.M.
Das Tagebuch der Anne FrankFrank,Anne
Fred AstaireFreedland,Michael
Moses and MonotheismFreud,Sigmund
The Man who was ThursdayG.K. Chesterton
Unfinished PeopleGay, Ruth
Remembering Heraclitus: the Philosopher of RiddlesGeldard, Richard
Lord of the FliesGolding, William
Story of Art, theGombrich, E.H.
Jump and Other Stories Gordimer, Nadine
My SonGordimer, Nadine
None to Accompany MeGordimer, Nadine
Pickup, theGordimer, Nadine
Katz und MausGrass, Guenter
My CenturyGrass,Günter
Paul KleeGrohmann, Will
War TrashHa,Jin
China to MeHahn, Emily
The Soong SistersHahn, Emily
Reconstructionist, theHart, Josephine
The Story of the Stone:红楼梦的英译本Hawkes,David译
A Brief History of TimeHawking,Stephen W.
A Farewell to ArmsHemingway, Ernest
By-Line: Ernest Hemingway (Selected Articles and Dispatches of Four Decades)Hemingway, Ernest
For Whom the Bell TollsHemingway, Ernest
Islands in the Stream Hemingway, Ernest
The Old Man and the SeaHemingway, Ernest
The Sun Also RisesHemingway, Ernest
Narziss und GoldmundHesse, Hermann
Convenient Marriage,theHeyer, Georgette
Death in the StocksHeyer, Georgette
Detection UnlimitedHeyer, Georgette
Duplicate DeathHeyer, Georgette
Grand Sophy,theHeyer, Georgette
Quiet Gentleman,theHeyer, Georgette
They Found Him DeadHeyer, Georgette
Why Shoot a Butler?Heyer, Georgette
FanshenHinton, William
The Line of BeautyHollinghurst,Alan
Brave New WorldHuxley, Aldous
An Awkward LieInnes, Michael
Appleby and HoneybathInnes, Michael
Appleby on AraratInnes, Michael
Appleby's EndInnes, Michael
Daffodil Affair,theInnes, Michael
Death at the ChaseInnes, Michael
Death at the President's LodgingInnes, Michael
From London FarInnes, Michael
Hamlet,Revenge!Innes, Michael
Man from the Sea,theInnes, Michael
Money from HolmeInnes, Michael
Open House,theInnes, Michael
Silence ObservedInnes, Michael
An Artist of the Floating WorldIshiguro, Kazuo
Never Let Me GoIshiguro,Kazuo
The Remains of the DayIshiguro,Kazuo
When We Were OrphansIshiguro,Kazuo
AmbassadorsJames, Henry
American, theJames, Henry
Bostonians, theJames, Henry
Portrait of a Lady, theJames, Henry
Washington SquareJames, Henry
What Maisie KnewJames, Henry
A Certain JusticeJames, P.D.
A Mind To MurderJames, P.D.
A Taste For DeathJames, P.D.
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (2)James, P.D.
Black Tower,theJames, P.D.
Children of Men, theJames, P.D.
Cover Her FaceJames, P.D.
Death in Holy OrdersJames, P.D.
Death of an Expert WitnessJames, P.D.
Devices and DesiresJames, P.D.
Innocent BloodJames, P.D.
Original SinJames, P.D.
Shroud For a NightingaleJames, P.D.
Skull Beneath the Skin,theJames, P.D.
Unnatural CausesJames, P.D.
A Very Long EngagementJaprisot, Sebastien
Red Scarf Girl─A Memoir of the Cultural RevolutionJiang,Ji-Li
Platero and IJimenez, Juan Ramon
Notes From My TravelsJolie, Angelina
Sappho's LeapJong, Erica
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManJoyce, James
A Portrait of The Artist as a Young ManJoyce, James
DublinersJoyce, James
Finnegans WakeJoyce, James
UlysseJoyce, James
Letter to the FatherKafka, Franz
Der ProzessKafka,Franz
A Memoir of the Craft on WritingKing, Stephen
Erz?hlungenKleist,Heinrich von
Laughable LovesKundera, Milan
The Book of Laughter and ForgettingKundera, Milan
The JokeKundera, Milan
The Unbearable Lightness of BeingKundera, Milan
Life is ElsewhereKundera,Milan
Testaments Betrayed—An Essay in Nine PartsKundera,Milan
John Thomas and Lady JaneLawrence, D.H.
Lady Chatterley's LoverLawrence, D.H.
Rainbow, theLawrence, D.H.
Sex, Literature and CensorshipLawrence, D.H.
Sons and LoversLawrence, D.H.
The White PeacockLawrence, D.H.
Virgin and the Gipsy, theLawrence, D.H.
Woody Allen, a biographyLax,Eric
Einstein’s DreamsLightman,Alan
A Leaf in the StormLin, Yutang
Moment in PekingLin, Yutang
Moon TigerLively, Penelope
Der Tod in Venedig und andere ErzaelungenMann,Thomas
Chinese Garden, theManning, Rosemary
Doctor FaustusMarlowe,Christopher
Innocent ErendiraMarquez, Gabriel Garcia
One Hundred Years of SolitudeMarquez,Gabriel Garcia
Love in the Time of CholeraMarquez,Gabriel Garcia
A Man Lay DeadMarsh, Ngaio
A Wreath for RiveraMarsh, Ngaio
Artists in CrimeMarsh, Ngaio
Black as He's paintedMarsh, Ngaio
Clutch of ConstablesMarsh, Ngaio
Colour SchemeMarsh, Ngaio
Dead WaterMarsh, Ngaio
Death and the Dancing FootmanMarsh, Ngaio
Death At the BarMarsh, Ngaio
Death in a White TieMarsh, Ngaio
Death In EcstasyMarsh, Ngaio
Death of a FoolMarsh, Ngaio
Death of a PeerMarsh, Ngaio
Died In The WoolMarsh, Ngaio
Enter a MurdererMarsh, Ngaio
False ScentMarsh, Ngaio
Final CurtainMarsh, Ngaio
Grave MistakeMarsh, Ngaio
Hand In GloveMarsh, Ngaio
Killer DolphinMarsh, Ngaio
Last DitchMarsh, Ngaio
Light ThickensMarsh, Ngaio
Night at the VulcanMarsh, Ngaio
Nursing Home Murder,theMarsh, Ngaio
Overture to DeathMarsh, Ngaio
Photo FinishMarsh, Ngaio
Singing in the Shroud'sMarsh, Ngaio
Spinsters in JeopardyMarsh, Ngaio
Tied up in TinselMarsh, Ngaio
Vintage MurderMarsh, Ngaio
When in RomeMarsh, Ngaio
House of the Arrow,theMason, A.E.W.
Murder at the Villa RoseMason, A.E.W.
Book BorrowerMattison, Alice
The Woman of the PhariseesMauriac, Francois
All the Pretty HorsesMcCarthy,Cormac
The CrossingMcCarthy,Cormac
Cue for MurderMcCloy, Helen
Goblin Market,theMcCloy, Helen
Through a Glass, DarklyMcCloy, Helen
Reflections in a Golden EyeMcCullers,Carson
The Heart is a Lonely HunterMcCullers,Carson
The Ballad of the Sad CafeMcCullers,Carson
The Member of the WeddingMcCullers,Carson
Death of a SalesmanMiller,Arthur
Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus BoschMiller,Henry
The Colossus of MaroussiMiller,Henry
The Smile at the Foot of the LadderMiller,Henry
Tropic of Capricorn Miller,Henry
Red House Mystery,theMilne, A.A.
Colette: A Taste of LifeMitchell,Yvonne
Beat Generation in San Francisco,theMorgan, Bill
Agatha Christie, A biographyMorgan, Janet
Wall to Wall: From Beijing to Berlin by RailMorris, Mary
Song of SolomonMorrison,Toni
The Bluest EyeMorrison,Toni
Selected StoriesMunro,Alice
Under the NetMurdoch, Iris
King, Queen, KnaveNabokov, Vladimir
Look at the Harlequins!Nabokov, Vladimir
Invitation to a BeheadingNabokov,Vladimir
Pale FireNabokov,Vladimir
Strong OpinionsNabokov,Vladimir
A Bend in the RiverNaipaul,V.S.
A Way in the WorldNaipaul,V.S.
The Enigma of ArrivalNaipaul,V.S.
Suite FrancaiseNemirovsky, Irene
Best Stories of Leslea Newman, theNewman, Leslea
Colette: Earthly ParadiseOhelps,Robert编选
Animal FarmOrwell, George
Down and Out in Paris and LondonOrwell, George
Nineteen Eighty-FourOrwell,George
Lilla's FeastOsborne, Frances
A Good Man is Hard to FindO’Connor, Flannery
Everything That Rises Must ConvergeO’Connor, Flannery
My Name is RedPamuk, Orhan
The Black BookPamuk, Orhan
Doctor ZhivagoPasternak,Boris
Dante Club, thePearl, Matthew
Bargain with DeathPentecost, Hugh
Fourteenth Dilemma,thePentecost, Hugh
Murder in High PlacesPentecost, Hugh
Murder in LuxuryPentecost, Hugh
Nightmare TimePentecost, Hugh
Time of TerrorPentecost, Hugh
With Intent to KillPentecost, Hugh
The MoviegoerPercy,Walker
Little ChildrenPerrotta,Tom
Complete Tales & PoemsPoe, Edgar Allan
Fall of the House of Usher and other Tales,thePoe, Edgar Allan
Alles von Raeuber HotzenplotzPreussler, Otfried
Jade Figurine,thePronzini, Bill
Bad Dirt: Wyoming Stories 2Proulx, Annie
Close RangeProulx, Annie
PostcardsProulx, Annie
Shipping News, theProulx, Annie
A Room to Die inQueen, Ellery
A Study in TerrorQueen, Ellery
Adventures of Ellery Queen,theQueen, Ellery
American Gun Mystery,theQueen, Ellery
And on the Eighth DayQueen, Ellery
Beware the Young StrangerQueen, Ellery
Black Hearts MurderQueen, Ellery
Blow hot, Blow coldQueen, Ellery
Cat of Many TailsQueen, Ellery
Chinese Orange Mystery,theQueen, Ellery
Cop OutQueen, Ellery
Copper Frame,the (2)Queen, Ellery
Dead Man's TaleQueen, Ellery
Death Spins the PlatterQueen, Ellery
Devil to PayQueen, Ellery
Double,DoubleQueen, Ellery
Dutch Shoe Mystery, theQueen, Ellery
Egyptian Cross MysteryQueen, Ellery
Ellery Queen's International Case BookQueen, Ellery
Ellery Queen's Mystery ParadeQueen, Ellery
Finishing Stroke,theQueen, Ellery
Fourth Side of the Triangle,theQueen, Ellery
French Powder Mystery,theQueen, Ellery
Glass Village,theQueen, Ellery
Halfway HouseQueen, Ellery
House of Brass,theQueen, Ellery
Killer Touch,theQueen, Ellery
King is Dead,theQueen, Ellery
Last Score,theQueen, Ellery
Last Woman in His Lift, theQueen, Ellery
Lethal Black BookQueen, Ellery
Losers, WeepersQueen, Ellery
Madman Theory, theQueen, Ellery
Murder with a PastQueen, Ellery
Origin of Evil,theQueen, Ellery
Player on the Other Side,theQueen, Ellery
Poetic JusticeQueen, Ellery
Roman Hat Mystery,theQueen, Ellery
Siamese Twin Mystery,theQueen, Ellery
Spanish Cape Mystery,theQueen, Ellery
There was an Old WomanQueen, Ellery
Tragedy of X,theQueen, Ellery
What's in the Dark?Queen, Ellery
Where is Bianca?Queen, Ellery
Who Killed the Golden GooseQueen, Ellery
Wife or DeathQueen, Ellery
Art from Impressionims to the InternetRichter, Klaus
Alibi for Isabel(SS)Rinehart, Mary Roberts
Bat,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Breaking Point,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Case of Jennie Brice,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Circular Staircase,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Door,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Episode of the Wandering KnifeRinehart, Mary Roberts
Frightened Wife,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Great Mistake,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Haunted Lady,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Man in Lower Ten,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Miss PinkertonRinehart, Mary Roberts
Red Lamp,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Sight Unseen, and the ConfessionRinehart, Mary Roberts
State vs.Elinor Norton,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Swimming Pool,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Wall,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Window at the White Cat,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
Yellow Room,theRinehart, Mary Roberts
The Anatomy LessonRoth, Philip
The Ghost WriterRoth, Philip
Goodbye, ColumbusRoth,Philip
The God of Small ThingsRoy,Arundhati
Franny and ZooeySalinger, J.D.
Raise High the Roof Beam,Carpenters & Seymour-an IntroductionSalinger, J.D.
The Catcher in The RyeSalinger, J.D.
The Human Comedy Saroyan, William
Iron in the SoulSartre, Jean-Paul
Troubled SleepSartre, Jean-Paul
The WordsSartre,Jean-Paul
Busman's HoneymoonSayers, Dorothy L
Clouds of WitnessSayers, Dorothy L
Documents in the Case,theSayers, Dorothy L
Five Red HerringsSayers, Dorothy L
Gaudy NightSayers, Dorothy L
Hangman's Holiday(ss)Sayers, Dorothy L
In the Teeth of The EvidenceSayers, Dorothy L
Lord Peter Views the BodySayers, Dorothy L
Lord Peter: A ColletionSayers, Dorothy L
Murder Must AdvertiseSayers, Dorothy L
Nine Tailors,theSayers, Dorothy L
Strong PoisonSayers, Dorothy L
Unnatural DeathSayers, Dorothy L
Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club,theSayers, Dorothy L
Whose Body?Sayers, Dorothy L
The ReaderSchlink,Bernhard
Ingrid CavenSchuhl, Jean-Jacques
Romeo and JulietShakespeare
The Films of Woody AllenSinyard,Neil
In AmericaSontag, Susan
Oedipus the KingSophocles
The NotebookSparks, Nicholas
An Actor PreparesStanislavski, Constantin
East of EdenSteinbeck, John
The Grapes of WrathSteinbeck, John
The Moon is DownSteinbeck, John
Before MidnightStout, Rex
Might as Well be DeadStout, Rex
Please Pass the GuiltStout, Rex
Second Confession,theStout, Rex
Three at Wolfe's Door (Poison a La Carte, The Rodeo Murder, Method Three for Murder)Stout, Rex
Trio for Blunt InstrumentsStout, Rex
Uncle TomStowe, Harriet Beecher
Das ParfumSueskind, Patrick
Last OrdersSwift,Graham
Pianist, theSzpilman, Wladyslaw
Bonesetter's Daughter, theTan, Amy
Hundred Secret Senses, theTan, Amy
A Shilling For Candles (Four Five and Six by Tey)Tey, Josephine
Daughter of Time, theTey, Josephine
Franchise Affair,theTey, Josephine
Man in the Queue,theTey, Josephine
Miss Pym DisposesTey, Josephine
Singing Sands,theTey, Josephine
To Love and Be WiseTey, Josephine
WaldenThoreau, Henry David
Lord of the Rings, theTolkien, J.R.R.:
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's CourtTwain, Mark
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,theTwain, Mark
Adventures of Tom Sawyer,theTwain, Mark
Letters From the EarthTwain, Mark
Prince and The Pauper,theTwain, Mark
Pudd'nhead WilsonTwain, Mark
Roughing ItTwain, Mark
ChoiceUllmann, Liv
Benson Murder Case,thevan Dine, S.S.
Bishop Murder Case,thevan Dine, S.S.
Canary Murder Case,thevan Dine, S.S.
Gracie Allen Murder Case,thevan Dine, S.S.
Greene Murder Case,thevan Dine, S.S.
Scarab Murder Case,thevan Dine, S.S.
Celebrated Cases of Judge Deevan Gulik, Robert
Chinese Bell Murders,thevan Gulik, Robert
Chinese Gold Murders,thevan Gulik, Robert
Chinese Nail Murders, thevan Gulik, Robert
Emperor's Pearl, thevan Gulik, Robert
Judge Dee at Workvan Gulik, Robert
Murder in Cantonvan Gulik, Robert
Necklace and Calabashvan Gulik, Robert
The Chinese Lake Murdersvan Gulik, Robert
The Haunted Monastery and Maze Murdersvan Gulik, Robert
The Lacquer Screenvan Gulik, Robert
The Monkey and the Tigervan Gulik, Robert
The Willow Patternvan Gulik, Robert
History of Art CriticismVenturi, Lionello
Possessing the Secret of JoyWalker,Alice
The Age of InnocenceWharton, Edith
China, The Roots of MadnessWhite, Theodore H.
The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other WritingsWilde, Oscar
The Picture of Dorian GrayWilde,Oscar
Look Homeward, AngelWolfe, Thomas
Portable Thomas Wolfe, theWolfe, Thomas
This Boy’s LifeWolff, Tobias
A Room of One's OwnWoolf, Virginia
Between the ActsWoolf, Virginia
Common Reader, theWoolf, Virginia
Mrs. DallowayWoolf, Virginia
OrlandoWoolf, Virginia
To the LighthouseWoolf, Virginia
Voyage Out, theWoolf, Virginia
The WavesWoolf,Virginia
The Shadow of the WindZafon, Carlos Ruiz
Under His Very WindowsZuccotti, Susan

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